Presidio’s affiliates help shape our world. Specializing in IT, mobile networks, media and more,
they are the face of business development in new and established markets across Asia, and beyond.
Affiliated companies help our entrepreneur partners successfully navigate what comes next.

  • Scsk

    SCSK, a public corporation listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, is a leading system integrator with offices in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. SCSK specializes in solution development, network computing management, software development, and datacenter services. SCSK has acted as a master distributor in Japan for many of Presidio Ventures’ partner companies.

  • J:com

    J:COM is the largest MSO in Japan controlling approximately 40% of the multi-channel cable universe. J:COM provides broadcasting and communication services in various areas, including multichannel TV, high-speed internet access, fixed line, and mobile telephone services. The company also operates 17 programming networks including Discovery Channel, J-Sports, etc that are delivered to CATV operators, CS broadcasting and IP broadcasting. State of the art pure On-Demand service is also available through J:COM On Demand.

  • T-gaia

    T-Gaia aims to become a global information communication sales company, by challenging the entry into new businesss beyond the mobile and network businesses, in addition to principle business of mobile phone sales and agents as well as network communications services, such as fixed line agent services.

  • Mpt Myanmar

    With over 20 million users, MPT is the first and leading telecommunications company in Myanmar, providing both fixed and mobile telecommunication services to people and businesses of Myanmar. For over 130 years, MPT has been championing the development of the telecommunications industry in the country, and today it operates a nationwide network infrastructure with a mobile network coverage of 96%.