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We believe that Cleantech is the next revolution with a goal that is undoubtedly noble. We intend to play our role in making this revolution happen. Sumitomo Corporation / Presidio Ventures have been investing in high potential Cleantech startups actively. Currently, some of our ventures are in stealth mode.


Agrivida is an agricultural biotechnology company developing energy crops designed to produce chemicals, fuels, and bioproducts from non-food cellulosic biomass.

Alta Devices, Inc.

Improving the production economics of high efficiency solar PV applications.

Catalytic Solutions

IPO: September 2006

Advanced materials science company focused on the creation, manufacture and supply of catalysts for motor vehicles.


Coskata's vision is to become the global leader in transforming syngas to biofuel platform, beginning with ethanol.


Leading rechargeable energy storage technology company.

GreatPoint Energy, Inc.

Developer of the highly efficient hydromethanation technology known as bluegas, by which coal, petroleum residues, and biomass are catalytically converted into low-cost, clean natural gas and other valuable byproducts.

SEEO, Inc.

SEEO is developing a new generation of rechargeable lithium Ion batteries with unprecedented characteristics such as higher energy density, longer lifetime, and safest operation.


Siluria is a natural gas technology company that focuses on the development of novel, financially superior processes for direct production of chemicals from natural gas.
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