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Message from the CEO

In the increasingly interdependent world of today, early-stage companies are looking more and more towards global markets to grow their business and maintain their competitive edge. The reason behind this shift in strategy is two-fold. On one hand, infrastructure advancements in emerging markets are stimulating demand for new technologies and services. In parallel, falling hardware and computing costs are enabling startups to address more opportunities with fewer required capital. Although the U.S. market, due to its sheer size and depth, will always remain a key focus for fast growing businesses, the capacity and desire to expand overseas comes at an earlier stage in the company lifecycle.

Presidio Ventures aims to foster this growing trend and provide our companies with the resources necessary to take advantage of it. Compared with a generation ago, business opportunities in Japan and Asia have undoubtedly become more accessible to U.S. companies. Nevertheless, unique market characteristics continue to present difficult culture and information barriers, as evident in the failed entry into these markets of many foreign entities. The business theory rarely translates without some adjustment, and it is here where Presidio Ventures' strength and experience lie. A deep understanding of the market conditions is necessary to effectively mold the business model to fit local needs. In addition, an extensive cross-industry network is integral for connecting with the key individuals in potential customer and partner organizations, and filtering out the dead ends from the near-term opportunities. Our expertise in both of these areas put us in an excellent position to craft and execute an entry strategy to overcome traditional hurdles.

To entrepreneurs and potential co-investors, I encourage you look into our past successes and hear for yourselves about the value which Presidio Ventures and Sumitomo can add to U.S. startups. We look forward to working together with you.

Ted Tatsumi
President and CEO
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