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Cable (J:COM)

J:COM is the largest MSO in Japan controlling approximately 40% of the multi-channel cable universe. J:COM provides broadcasting and communication services in various areas, including multichannel TV, high-speed internet access, fixed line, and mobile telephone services. The company also operates 17 programming networks including Discovery Channel, J-Sports, etc that are delivered to CATV operators, CS broadcasting and IP broadcasting. State of the art pure On-Demand service is also available through J:COM On Demand.

Film (Asmik Ace)

Asmik is one of the leading independent film production and distribution houses in Japan. Activities range from domestic and international film investment, co-production, theatrical to DVD distribution.

Commerce (JUPITER SHOP Channel, BIGLOBE)

JUPITER SHOP Channel is Japan’s largest TV Home Shopping Network with annual sales reaching over $1B. Providing 24hr live broadcast in HD quality. An E-commerce platform is under consideration in conjunction with Japan’s 3rd largest ISP, BIGLOBE.

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