Atropos Health Leverages Google Cloud to Generate Actionable Clinical Evidence for Healthcare Institutions from Healthcare Data, Rapidly and Securely

Jan 30, 2024

Atropos Health Leverages Google Cloud to Generate Actionable Clinical Evidence for Healthcare Institutions from Healthcare Data, Rapidly and Securely

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Atropos Health, a pioneer in translating real-world clinical data into personalized real-world evidence and insights, today announced that it has optimized Atropos Health’s GENEVA™ OS (Generative Evidence Acceleration Operating System) to now work with Google Cloud’s healthcare offerings, including Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine (HDE), leveraging HDE application programming interfaces and BigQuery. This powerful pairing enables customers to efficiently and securely convert data into valuable insights and evidence.

With Google Cloud and Atropos Health, health systems can spend less time maintaining infrastructure and more time leveraging insights from their data for improved operational efficiency and clinical decision making. When Google Cloud customers deploy GENEVA OS and ChatRWD™, the first generative AI application incorporating direct chat-to-database capability, they can gain valuable insights on day one. Upon the federated installation of GENEVA OS in their internal cloud data environment, customers can ask clinical questions immediately via the Green Button Informatics Consult, and receive observational publication-grade research study evidence within 48 hours. In addition, GENEVA OS customers can access Alexandria™, a collection of tens of thousands of existing studies, including active clinical trial designs that provide immediate answers to clinical questions asked by their peers and other healthcare and life sciences organizations. The existing studies are available on day one in Alexandria and can be rerun on local data, generating novel content and evidence for customer use. The combined technology enhances the efficiency of deployments while meeting the enterprise-grade security expectations of major health systems.

“Atropos Health is committed to enabling rapid real-world evidence with the highest levels of data privacy and security in healthcare. Atropos Health’s services facilitate secure access to real-world evidence, in compliance with regulations like HIPAA,” said Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and co-founder of Atropos Health. “Google Cloud’s real-time capabilities align with our delivery model to the clinicians and researchers who rely on the Atropos Evidence Network as a trusted resource requiring insights at the pace of care.”

“In the coming year, the medical community will continue to navigate various uses of generative AI to reduce inefficiencies in clinical processes,” said Aashima Gupta, global director, Healthcare Strategy and Solutions, Google Cloud. “We look forward to working with Atropos Health to drive impactful innovation and improve healthcare for everyone.”

About Atropos Health

Atropos Health is the developer of Geneva OS™, the operating system for rapid healthcare evidence across a robust network of real-world data. Healthcare and life science organizations work with Atropos Health to close evidence gaps from bench to bedside, improving individual patient outcomes with data-driven care, expediting research that advances the field of medicine, and more. We aim to transform healthcare with timely, relevant real-world evidence.