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  • 88 Rising

    88 Rising

    Digital media brand with production capabilities, focusing on Asian cultural contents such as Music, Fashion, Food, Documentaries and Arts.

  • Acalvio


    Cloud based cyber security solution for enterprise using patented deception technology

  • Afero


    Secure IoT platform designed to connect cloud-based devices in any industry.

  • Agrivida


    Agriscience platform for promoting expression of natural enzymes in corn. Improves animal health and increases production yield when added to animal feed.

  • Arbor Networks

    Arbor Networks

    Cyber security solution that secures the world's most demanding and complex networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats.

  • Arcsight


    Security and compliance management solutions that intelligently mitigate business risk for enterprises.

  • Arevo


    Provider of custom 3DP engineering software and printing services for industrial-use, production-grade parts.

  • Aryaka


    Cloud-based platform for network optimization and application acceleration services for enterprise.

  • Aurora Networks

    Aurora Networks

    Manufacturer of advanced, next-generation optical transport systems for cable broadband networks.

  • Bloom Energy

    Bloom Energy

    Breakthrough solid oxide fuel cell technology generating reliable, clean, cost effective power for organizations globally

  • Bluestacks


    Cloud based SW Platform that enables Android mobile Apps to run on multiple platforms like PC, MAC, TV, STB.

  • Hibob dba bob

    Hibob dba bob

    Cloud-based, AI-driven people management SaaS platform for businesses to purely focus on their employees and digitally transform their HR.

  • Built Robotics

    Built Robotics

    Developer of autonomous vehicle software designed specifically for the requirement of construction and earthmoving.

  • Calient


    3D MEMS photonic optical circuit switching designed to offer software defined networks and data centers

  • Citrine Informatics

    Citrine Informatics

    Citrine’s scalable, secure, software platform enables product developers, scientists, and data managers to use cutting-edge machine learning and data management technology to accelerate materials and chemical development via an intuitive interface.

  • Cleversafe


    Innovative storage solutions for enterprise and service provider with impenetrable security.

  • Cloud.com


    Open source orchestration software.

  • Cloudmark


    Cloudmark can adapt to future messaging threats in real time, blocking spam and phishing attacks.

  • Cohere Technologies

    Cohere Technologies

  • Cotendo


    Offers an integrated suite of Web and Mobile Acceleration Services from its 30 global distributed point of presence (POPs).

  • Dexterity


    A hardware agnostic AI based (Robots-as-a-Service) software platform for automating pick and place tasks in warehouses, logistics, kitting, and supply chain applications

  • Drishti Technologies, Inc.

    Drishti Technologies, Inc.

    Provider of AI-powered action recognition technology digitizing human actions inside the factory, enabling true digital transformation for manufacturers

  • Enevate


    Leading rechargeable energy storage technology company.

  • Extend Media

    Extend Media

    Provider of software-based content management systems that help media companies and network operators manage digital video content.

  • Extensity


    Developer and marketer of a suite of Web-based enterprise applications and outsourced services.

  • Extreme Networks

    Extreme Networks

    Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet LAN switches for ISPs, enterprises, and content providers.

  • Falkonry


    Developer of AI based autonomic pattern recognition software designed for industrial monitoring

  • Firework


    Provides decentralized and pluggable short video/ad platform “Firework Network”. Using AI and ML to curate high quality content and engage young audiences.

  • Fortera


    Developer of a new cement production process that reduces the cement industry's carbon dioxide emissions by 60% with significant economic savings.

  • ForAllSecure


    ForAllSecure's mission is to automatically test the world's software for exploitable bugs. The company has been applying its patented technology from over a decade of CMU research to solving the difficult challenge of making software safer.

  • Fluid Truck

    Fluid Truck

    Digital commercial vehicle marketplace to “reimagine how trucks are utilized by building sharing community and leveraging the latest innovations in technology."

  • Forge Nano

    Forge Nano

    Make Particle Layer Deposition, reliable, scalable, and, affordable.

  • Fortinet


    Leader in unified threat management systems used by enterprises, MSSPs and carriers.

  • Fusion-IO


    Fusion-io's ioMemory architecture is the world's most advanced NAND clustering technology.

  • Glympse


    Cloud-based, location-driven customer experience platform intended to “temporarily” share your location in real time with people you trust

  • Greatpoint Energy

    Greatpoint Energy

    Developer of catalyctic hydromethanation process designed to convert coal, petroleum coke, and biomass into natural gas

  • Humatics


    Ultra precise positioning tech for robotics/ autonomous systems.

  • Intematix


    Developer of next generation nano, Bulk & Thin Film materials.

  • Karamba Security

    Karamba Security

    Automotive and IoT cybersecurity solutions, designed for autonomous and connected cars

  • Lastline


    Provider of next generation network anti-malware software providing real time analysis of advanced malware and persistent threats in the cloud.

  • Lilac Solutions

    Lilac Solutions

    With a highly effective 'Direct Lithium Extraction’ platform, Lilac unlocks a crucial technology needed for future global electrification

  • Locix


    Cloud-based spatial intelligence solutions for commercial buildings, warehouses, factories while capturing location, visual and sensor data by connected devices.

  • Mabl


    Intelligent application test automation for the devops age. Mabl auto-generates and maintains tests, assuring quality during continuous development

  • Monitaur


    AI Governance and Assurance software.

  • Movella


    Fabless semiconductor company enabling a new generation of motion aware consumer devices

  • MySQL


    Open source relational database management system.

  • Netscreen Technologies

    Netscreen Technologies

    Integrated network security systems offering integrating firewall, VPN encryption, and traffic-management functionality

  • Nexenta


    Software-defined storage designed to offer an easy-to-use, secure and low cost cloud storage services.

  • Nominum


    Provider of IP address infrastructure software for enterprises and service provider that require reliable and secure DNS, DHCP.

  • Openx


    Programmatic advertising technology company, running the largest independent ad exchange network.

  • Optoro


    The returns platform that does it all.

  • Ocarina Networks

    Ocarina Networks

    Ocarina Networks is an innovative startup providing content aware storage optimization' solution.

  • Oni Systems

    Oni Systems

    Developer of all-optical communication network equipment for metropolitan area and regional networks.

  • Ori


    Live large in a small footprint. Space-saving, transformable living spaces.

  • Outrider


    Outrider clears the path for human and planet-friendly yard operations.

  • Plume


    Provider of a self-optimizing Plume Adaptive WiFi, new type of whole-home WiFi system.

  • PreVeil


    Developer of an easy-to-use encrypted email and cloud storage solution for secure enterprise communication across multiple devices

  • Prism


    Cloud based platform software service that combines real-world video, machine intelligence, and data visualization in the cloud

  • Relay2, Inc.

    Relay2, Inc.

    Provider of Cloud Wi-Fi solution with Edge computing for enterprise

  • Revolution Analytics

    Revolution Analytics

    Provider of software and services that make the power of predictive analytics accessible to every type of user.

  • Rightscale


    Enterprise cloud management platform designed to manage business critical applications across public, private, and virtualized environments

  • SEEO


    Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries created to provide safe, high energy, lightweight storage of reliable energy

  • Siluria


    Developer of a direct chemical process for manufacturing fuels and chemicals.

  • Shapeways


    Provider of 3D printing service, marketplace and online community for consumers to design, buy and sell original 3D printed products

  • Sina


    Leading online media company serving China and global Chinese communities under digital media network of sina.com



    SINAI is a San-Francisco-based technology company focused on automating how companies monitor, price, analyze risk and reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

  • Solantro


    Analog mixed-signal fabless semiconductor company, with core expertise in system-on-chip architectures for distributed and scalable renewable power systems.

  • Splashtop


    Provider of remote support services designed to solve all remote access needs.

  • Spring Tide Networks

    Spring Tide Networks

    Developer of carrier-class equipment that enables service providers to offer Internet protocol services and VPNs.

  • Stardog


    Data unification platform which pools data, regardless the format or location into enterprise knowledge graphs for BI applications current and future

  • Streem, Inc

    Streem, Inc

    Reimagining the customer experience through the camera using AR, AI and computer vision.

  • Tealium


    The company is the leader in enterprising management, a new class of application that enables digital marketers to more easily deploy their mission-critical online solutions.

  • TruTag Technologies

    TruTag Technologies

    TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a leading security and technology solution provider serving businesses and governments worldwide in food, medicine, security labels and documents.

  • Uhana


    Developer of AI software re-architecture for Telecom and Large Enterprise network operations.

  • VA Linux Systems

    VA Linux Systems

    Designer and manufacturer of servers and workstations pre-configured for Linux operating environment.

  • Vidder


    Vidder has developed next generation perimeter security software (VPN + FW + Multifactor Authentication).

  • vFunction


    vFunction is the first and only platform for developers and architects that intelligently and automatically transforms complex monolithic Java applications into microservices, restoring engineering velocity and optimizing the benefits of the cloud.



    Web3 Pro is the #1 enterprise white-label NFT solution and Web3.0 marketing tool for global brands, making NFT campaigns seamless, easily executed, and on-brand.

  • Workspot


    Workspot delivers cloud native, next generation DaaS 2.0 & VDI 2.0 that can be deployed in a day, enabling IT to focus on other tasks that further their business goals.

  • Xen Source

    Xen Source

    Developer of next generation AJAX-based collaboration platform for enterprise and ISPs.

  • Zebrium


    Machine learning technology that detects software problems and uncovers their root cause through automated log analysis

  • Zimbra


    Developer of next generation AJAX-based collaboration platform for enterprise and ISPs.