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  • 88 Rising

    88 Rising

    Digital media brand with production capabilities, focusing on Asian cultural contents such as Music, Fashion, Food, Documentaries and Arts.

  • Acalvio


    Cloud based cyber security solution for enterprise using patented deception technology

  • Afero


    Secure IoT platform designed to connect cloud-based devices in any industry.

  • Agrivida


    Agriscience platform for promoting expression of natural enzymes in corn. Improves animal health and increases production yield when added to animal feed.

  • Arbor Networks

    Arbor Networks

    Cyber security solution that secures the world's most demanding and complex networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats.

  • Arcsight


    Security and compliance management solutions that intelligently mitigate business risk for enterprises.

  • Arevo


    Provider of custom 3DP engineering software and printing services for industrial-use, production-grade parts.

  • Aryaka


    Cloud-based platform for network optimization and application acceleration services for enterprise.

  • Aurora Networks

    Aurora Networks

    Manufacturer of advanced, next-generation optical transport systems for cable broadband networks.

  • Bloom Energy

    Bloom Energy

    Breakthrough solid oxide fuel cell technology generating reliable, clean, cost effective power for organizations globally

  • Bluestacks


    Cloud based SW Platform that enables Android mobile Apps to run on multiple platforms like PC, MAC, TV, STB.

  • Hibob dba bob

    Hibob dba bob

    Cloud-based, AI-driven people management SaaS platform for businesses to purely focus on their employees and digitally transform their HR.

  • Built Robotics

    Built Robotics

    Developer of autonomous vehicle software designed specifically for the requirement of construction and earthmoving.

  • Calient


    3D MEMS photonic optical circuit switching designed to offer software defined networks and data centers

  • Cleversafe


    Innovative storage solutions for enterprise and service provider with impenetrable security.

  • Cloud.com


    Open source orchestration software.

  • Cloudmark


    Cloudmark can adapt to future messaging threats in real time, blocking spam and phishing attacks.

  • Cohere Technologies

    Cohere Technologies

  • Cotendo


    Offers an integrated suite of Web and Mobile Acceleration Services from its 30 global distributed point of presence (POPs).

  • Dexterity


    A hardware agnostic AI based (Robots-as-a-Service) software platform for automating pick and place tasks in warehouses, logistics, kitting, and supply chain applications

  • Drishti Technologies, Inc.

    Drishti Technologies, Inc.

    Provider of AI-powered action recognition technology digitizing human actions inside the factory, enabling true digital transformation for manufacturers

  • Enevate


    Leading rechargeable energy storage technology company.

  • Extend Media

    Extend Media

    Provider of software-based content management systems that help media companies and network operators manage digital video content.

  • Extensity


    Developer and marketer of a suite of Web-based enterprise applications and outsourced services.

  • Extreme Networks

    Extreme Networks

    Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet LAN switches for ISPs, enterprises, and content providers.

  • Falkonry


    Developer of AI based autonomic pattern recognition software designed for industrial monitoring

  • Firework


    Provides decentralized and pluggable short video/ad platform “Firework Network”. Using AI and ML to curate high quality content and engage young audiences.

  • Fluid Truck

    Fluid Truck

    Digital commercial vehicle marketplace to “reimagine how trucks are utilized by building sharing community and leveraging the latest innovations in technology."

  • Forge Nano

    Forge Nano

    Make Particle Layer Deposition, reliable, scalable, and, affordable.

  • Fortinet


    Leader in unified threat management systems used by enterprises, MSSPs and carriers.

  • Fusion-IO


    Fusion-io's ioMemory architecture is the world's most advanced NAND clustering technology.

  • Glympse


    Cloud-based, location-driven customer experience platform intended to “temporarily” share your location in real time with people you trust

  • Greatpoint Energy

    Greatpoint Energy

    Developer of catalyctic hydromethanation process designed to convert coal, petroleum coke, and biomass into natural gas

  • Humatics


    Ultra precise positioning tech for robotics/ autonomous systems.

  • Intematix


    Developer of next generation nano, Bulk & Thin Film materials.

  • Karamba Security

    Karamba Security

    Automotive and IoT cybersecurity solutions, designed for autonomous and connected cars

  • Lastline


    Provider of next generation network anti-malware software providing real time analysis of advanced malware and persistent threats in the cloud.

  • Lilac Solutions

    Lilac Solutions

    With a highly effective 'Direct Lithium Extraction’ platform, Lilac unlocks a crucial technology needed for future global electrification

  • Locix


    Cloud-based spatial intelligence solutions for commercial buildings, warehouses, factories while capturing location, visual and sensor data by connected devices.

  • Mabl


    Intelligent application test automation for the devops age. Mabl auto-generates and maintains tests, assuring quality during continuous development

  • Movella


    Fabless semiconductor company enabling a new generation of motion aware consumer devices

  • MySQL


    Open source relational database management system.

  • Netscreen Technologies

    Netscreen Technologies

    Integrated network security systems offering integrating firewall, VPN encryption, and traffic-management functionality

  • Nexenta


    Software-defined storage designed to offer an easy-to-use, secure and low cost cloud storage services.

  • Nominum


    Provider of IP address infrastructure software for enterprises and service provider that require reliable and secure DNS, DHCP.

  • Openx


    Programmatic advertising technology company, running the largest independent ad exchange network.

  • Ocarina Networks

    Ocarina Networks

    Ocarina Networks is an innovative startup providing content aware storage optimization' solution.

  • Oni Systems

    Oni Systems

    Developer of all-optical communication network equipment for metropolitan area and regional networks.

  • Pathmind


    Optimization platform for industrial engineers and modelers to apply reinforcement learning to simulations

  • Plume


    Provider of a self-optimizing Plume Adaptive WiFi, new type of whole-home WiFi system.

  • PreVeil


    Developer of an easy-to-use encrypted email and cloud storage solution for secure enterprise communication across multiple devices

  • Prism


    Cloud based platform software service that combines real-world video, machine intelligence, and data visualization in the cloud

  • Relay2, Inc.

    Relay2, Inc.

    Provider of Cloud Wi-Fi solution with Edge computing for enterprise

  • Revolution Analytics

    Revolution Analytics

    Provider of software and services that make the power of predictive analytics accessible to every type of user.

  • Rightscale


    Enterprise cloud management platform designed to manage business critical applications across public, private, and virtualized environments

  • SEEO


    Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries created to provide safe, high energy, lightweight storage of reliable energy

  • Siluria


    Developer of a direct chemical process for manufacturing fuels and chemicals.

  • Shapeways


    Provider of 3D printing service, marketplace and online community for consumers to design, buy and sell original 3D printed products

  • Sina


    Leading online media company serving China and global Chinese communities under digital media network of sina.com

  • Solantro


    Analog mixed-signal fabless semiconductor company, with core expertise in system-on-chip architectures for distributed and scalable renewable power systems.

  • Splashtop


    Provider of remote support services designed to solve all remote access needs.

  • Spring Tide Networks

    Spring Tide Networks

    Developer of carrier-class equipment that enables service providers to offer Internet protocol services and VPNs.

  • Stardog


    Data unification platform which pools data, regardless the format or location into enterprise knowledge graphs for BI applications current and future

  • Streem, Inc

    Streem, Inc

    Reimagining the customer experience through the camera using AR, AI and computer vision.

  • Tealium


    The company is the leader in enterprising management, a new class of application that enables digital marketers to more easily deploy their mission-critical online solutions.

  • TruTag Technologies

    TruTag Technologies

    TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a leading security and technology solution provider serving businesses and governments worldwide in food, medicine, security labels and documents.

  • Uhana


    Developer of AI software re-architecture for Telecom and Large Enterprise network operations.

  • VA Linux Systems

    VA Linux Systems

    Designer and manufacturer of servers and workstations pre-configured for Linux operating environment.

  • Vidder


    Vidder has developed next generation perimeter security software (VPN + FW + Multifactor Authentication).

  • Workspot


    Workspot delivers cloud native, next generation DaaS 2.0 & VDI 2.0 that can be deployed in a day, enabling IT to focus on other tasks that further their business goals.

  • Xen Source

    Xen Source

    Developer of next generation AJAX-based collaboration platform for enterprise and ISPs.

  • Zebrium


    Machine learning technology that detects software problems and uncovers their root cause through automated log analysis

  • Zimbra


    Developer of next generation AJAX-based collaboration platform for enterprise and ISPs.