Shapeways lists on the NYSE under the ticker symbol SHPW

Sep 01, 2022

Shapeways lists on the NYSE under the ticker symbol SHPW

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Author: Greg Kress, CEO

When Shapeways was founded in 2007 it set out to rethink manufacturing and enable customers to transform their digital designs into physical products.  Shapeways became the place for designers to create a digital inventory, offer it to their audience, and deliver them finished products.  And in the process Shapeways became a best in class additive manufacturing service provider.

Almost four years ago we started writing another chapter in our story, focusing our capabilities on businesses that were looking for industrial grade manufacturing, from prototyping through full production. We raised the bar and focused on technologies that could scale and enhance our technology stack even further.  We fully digitized our end to end manufacturing process to drive increased efficiencies, higher quality, and faster delivery.

Today Shapeways reaches a new milestone as we become a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol SHPW!  While this milestone is a recognition for our efforts, this is not the end, but the beginning of the next chapter in the Shapeways story!

This enables Shapeways to invest in new additive manufacturing capabilities, accelerate new customer acquisition, offer traditional manufacturing services, and bring our software offering to market. It will give us access to new investment tools and capabilities, allowing us to scale faster and expand our leadership in the market.

We are deeply appreciative of our team… current, new, and former… that have worked hard to help Shapeways reach this milestone.  We are grateful to our customers who have partnered with Shapeways and allowed us to become a critical component of their supply chain.   And we are thankful to our investors who believed in our story and supported Shapeways in becoming a leader in digital manufacturing.

Our next chapter will come with new opportunities for us to seize, challenges for us to overcome, progress for us to achieve, and work to be done.

To find out more, visit our investor page.

About Shapeways

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