Movement Tracking Company mCube Rebrands as Movella

Sep 28, 2021

Movement Tracking Company mCube Rebrands as Movella

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Motion sensor developer mCube has announced a rebrand to be known now as Movella. The company’s new name comes after it acquired athlete management system Kinduct in 2020 and bought 3D motion capture company Xsens in 2017.

Movella aims to position itself as a leader in sensing, capturing, and analyzing movement data across the sports, entertainment, and health industries. “As one, we are much stronger than the previous separate companies which accelerates our innovation and growth momentum,” Movella CEO Ben Lee said in a statement.

Kinduct’s athlete management system has been used by teams across the NBA, NFL, MLB to store data on athlete health and performance, while Xsens’ motion capture sensors helped design the new FIFA 22 video game from Electronic Arts. Players in Spain wore full-body motion capture suits during an exhibition match so EA could collect the movement data and replicate it into its FIFA game engine.